This was my speciality! I used to making a living from making things look pretty, this was the part of the prep process I was most looking forward to. 

I had Pintrest boards covering all aspect of the decor, drawing ideas from rustic to urban modern styles, finding a way to blend them …. … More Decorations


Finding a Venue

After a long time of thinking along the same lines – close to home, not too expensive blah blah blah, I started to think well and truly outside the box. And by that I mean I took the box apart and was questioning if I could turn that into a venue! … More Finding a Venue

Make, do, beg, borrow, create.

To say this is the tag line of our wedding would only just skim the surface. 

When Ryan and I first started talking wedding budget back in August he gave me a grand total of £3000. My heart sunk. I didn’t know….. … More Make, do, beg, borrow, create.


The Wedding Video

We shot a lot of footage while at Asan Beach … More The Wedding Video


Guam Wedding

Lucy Moseley & Ryan Hackel

Monday 28th March 2016


Guam … More Guam Wedding


Wedding Hair

Trying to choose the right hair for the wedding is proving challenging but not as hard as choosing the right flowers. … More Wedding Hair


India & Jay – Wedding Photo Inspiration

I came across India & Jay’s wedding photos while browsing instagram for inspiration. I fell instantly in love with the images the location, the bride, the poses, everything is just beautiful. Photo Credits: Jordan Voth If I can get my wedding photos to be anything as close to this magical I will be more … More India & Jay – Wedding Photo Inspiration


He Asked… I said Yes…

In almost the exact spot we had our first date at sunset (his favourite time of day) he told me to stand with the sunset behind me, riskily planted his phone in the sand and then got down on one knee. … More He Asked… I said Yes…