Make, do, beg, borrow, create.

To say this is the tag line of our wedding would only just skim the surface.

When Ryan and I first started talking wedding budget back in August he gave me a grand total of £3000. My heart sunk. I didn’t know what I could achieve with that figure. Venues I looked at prior to this were well over that, and that was meant to be for the whole event!!! Fast forward a few months, I have a new job, my parents give us a wedding present/ helping hand towards funds and we end up with a rough budget of £7000.  I knew this would never be the fairy tale wedding I had dreamed of in Dover Castle with the sea in the back of all the photos. However it has made me realise how crazy the wedding industry is!

In planning the wedding in found the most valuable thing is who you know. We could never have achieved what we did if it wasn’t for people who knew people or a lot of hard work and many man hours going into the most unlikely of things. There is always a cheaper way to create an expensive look. I see myself as quite snobby about how weddings should look yet some how I achieved an expensive look with a small budget.

I had a relatively clear idea of what I wanted ( lets not lie and say what ‘We’ wanted, Ryan was down with what ever made me happy! I did run most ideas past him for final approval) I like all brides became a Pintrest whore. I spent hours looking for ideas and inspiration for every aspect of the wedding and when I say every aspect I mean every aspect and the rest, I was the made Pintrest lady with 22 boards one for each wedding area.

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 20.45.25

See my boards here: Lucy Hackeley Pintrest

Within weeks I had a colour scheme and a million ideas flowing about my head. I spent about 2 months collecting ideas and then started to research venues. Again my heart sunk. My new improved budget would not stretch to the country house of dreams, or a beautiful barn, or a farm. I felt lost, and disheartened. How was I meant to plan this wedding if I couldn’t find a place to host it. Ryan was looking at alternative venues I tried but struggled to see the potential in anything. As always Mum to the rescue! A colleague of her had recently got married and from inside it looked like a marquee however it was a village hall. At last a spark for my wedding fire. Weeks of research and emails from my venue coordinator a.k.a Mum! We found a company who could do it. Only then for our venue to change. ( Wedding nightmare!!!!!!) I won’t get into all that on this post though.

Essentially I learnt despite everyone telling you its your big day do what you want, we didn’t want to be in crazy amounts of debt just for one, as much as I hate to say it, big party. Big learn was work within your means. We had a budget of 7K so lets stick to it and compromise and find a way. Where theres a will theres a way. Find someone who can make it, you can do it, beg your friends, borrow from your neighbours, create your own unique day.


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