Rainy Thursday

Thursday 14th July 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 19.08.44

The weather was not on our side today, or all week in fact. Cooler temperatures which have been nice but imminent rain every  few hours has made going out to do thing more challenging.

We had originally planned to visit the Spanish Steps today but when we went out for breakfast the sky with dark grey in all directions.

Time for Plan B!

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 19.49.16


We spotted Eggs’n Things when we first moved into our place in April but Ryan wanted to wait for me to come back so we could try it.

The que was outside when we arrived about 9.30am! We were handed a menu and joined the queue. The line went down a lot quicker than I had anticipated. A man outside took our order, a lady inside confirmed it and we paid, then joined the queue to be  seated.

Inside we were seated and promptly brought our drinks, fresh OJ for me and coffee for Ryan. Food swiftly followed. I had Turkey bacon, 2 poached eggs and diced fried potatoes, Ryan had 2 eggs over easy with a New York steak and diced fried potatoes. The food was really good and didn’t take long to reach us which was a definite benefit when I woke up starving this morning!

After breakfast we headed back home for boring domestic stuff. Cleaning, laundry, organising the house. The usual.

Ryan taught me to use the washing machine. I miss English ones they make way more sense!! We also moved some furniture around in the bedrooms so we could have a proper dressing room in one of our spare rooms. Thats my way of attempting to keep our bedroom somewhat tidier!! After this I was exhausted (we went to be late and I woke up super early) Nap time.


After my nap the day had lightened up a bit so we decided to head out for a drive around the island to take in the sights. If it stayed sunny we could stop at beaches and sights but if it rained we could just take in the views from the car.

Luckily the rain held off most the afternoon. We visited a few sights we had visited last time like the beach we took our wedding photographs at, the beach we saw our first Guam sunset at etc.  We stopped at every tourist spot along the scenic route taking in breath taking views of bays and mountains.


Today was also the first chance to try out our new camera! I had no idea it was date/time stamping and it took a while to work out how to turn it off.

The first scary shot taken underwater! Didn’t spy any fishes but at least we know it truly is waterproof.


Someone was too busy catching Pokemon





I’m yet to see a bay on Guam that isn’t beautiful even in the rain!



fort soledad




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