3 Weeks in Guam

The 3 weeks we spent together flew past. One day his smiling face is picking me up from the airport and the next we have a teary eyed departure.

To say it was a holiday wouldn’t be true, we had so much to do we only really had 3 proper days of relaxation and beach time. Everyday we had an errand to run, wedding paperwork (tedious and time consuming but so much easier than marrying in England), house hunting, housing paperwork, contacts, ID card, setting up bills etc etc etc.

You get the idea.

Despite the endless jobs list it was amazing to finally spend time together again. And the amount we achieved in those 3 weeks was insane!

We got married and got our first home together.

IN 3 WEEKS?!?!

Week 1


The first week was a blur of papers and trips to this office and that office.

To marry in Guam you need to both be present to fill out the marriage license forms which need filing before 2.30pm FYI and we went at 3pm so that added an extra day to it!

We had to swear (I’m talking raise your right and swear) that all the information provided was correct. That part felt more formal and like we were getting married at this little window in some odd building in the middle of Guam! We both couldn’t believe how formal that part was.

As I am foreign we had to get certain papers notarised which was a pain in the ass, thankfully I found a bank (Coast 360) which could do it for a small fee per document. Annoying when the office required three copies of the retention of maiden name document. (No idea why 3 and they couldn’t just use a photocopier! I even got to keep one of them)


We hit the beach early in the week and got burnt to a crisp.* We went to one of the beaches on the Navy base. It was like one of those beaches you only ever see in pictures and adverts and you think oh yeah like places really exist like that. Well they do. And I’m going to live there!!!

Ryan tried to catch fish with his bare hands… safe to say unsuccessfully.


*Note to Self… Buy better sun screen

Week 2

Furniture Shopping

We went to Navy again looking for furniture for a home we didn’t even have at this point. We tried nearly every sofa and bed in there. We found a Sofa we liked (only to change our minds and find a better one a week later)

I fell in love with a hugely impractical gigantic 4 poster bed which Ryan said wouldn’t fit in any home. Even if it would make me a Princess.

The Wedding

The wedding was in week 2 and you have probably read the Wedding post so I won’t bore you with the same information twice.

Tarague Beach

This week he took me to Tarague Beach which is on Andersen AFB. This is the most amazing place I have ever been to. Incredible views, white sand, palm trees, tropical fishies in rock pools it’s the kind of place you dream of.

This day was super hot and again got burnt. (We hadn’t learnt our lesson on how bad the sun screen we bought was by this point!!)

We had a picnic lunch of sandwiches and snacks on the beach before going for a walk down the beach. The further we got the more beautiful it was. I tried to sunbathe but couldn’t sit still for long enough I just wanted to look at everything and soak in the amazing views.

We wondered down to a quiet part of the beach. It was just us on the beach which is such a nice feeling. We looked at the fishies, took silly videos, Ryan tried to discover what was causing bubbles in a rockpool but found nothing.


20160402_145551House Hunting

At the end of the week we got start house hunting which we were both so excited for. We have been looking at properties months before Ryan left England. Meaning we had a good idea of what we could expect for our money.

We started at Pia Marine which many people had recommended to us. The units were nice but nothing was home. There were incredible ocean views, and amazing bathrooms, but they weren’t our house.

You hear people say you know when you find your home you get a feeling. Well you do and it’s a weird experience.

We planned to look at San Vitores Terrace Condos and Horizon Condos but after our Realtor got a feeling about what we were after she said not to bother with Horizon and go straight to San Vitores.

We were barely in the door and both had that grin on our faces like Yeah this is it. This is our Home.

Fully furnished, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, recently renovated kitchen and bathrooms, breakfast bar, dinning area, TV, good internet connection, 3 minute walk to the beach, 10 minute walk to the shopping area and centre of town.

It ticked all the boxes.

Now we had to secure it before someone else pinched it from us!!

We put an offer in on Thursday and it was ours by Friday.

Week 3

Finalising the House

In Guam you had to do something we have never heard of doing before when getting new utilities set up. You have to give your address which we expected, but in Guam you have to draw a map to your house. Yes thats right I did say draw a map.

The first time we had to do this we couldn’t stop laughing.

Utilities set up, Internet due for installation all just in time for move in.

Of course there was more paperwork to be done on base to get it all sorted but that was relatively easy.

Moving In

The day before move in we had to rush around the shops buying the essentials for the house as our things from England hadn’t arrived yet and we weren’t sure when it would get there.

When setting up your first home you don’t realise how much you need, all kitchen ware, shower curtains, cleaning products, bathroom stuff, bedding, food, extension leads, lamps, spare sheets, the list just kept building. Everytime we thought we were done we thought of something else.

When we first entered the house with the keys we were like kids rushing around every room finding homes for everything. Every now and again bumping into one another smiling going OMG this is our home!!!!!

Ryan found it funny that within an hour or so of moving in, I was going round taking down the art work which had been put up. Lets just say it’s not to my taste. It is in no way bad but metal work with beads on the wall isn’t for me! We needed something to store in the spare room, I was just helping!

Underwater World

As I was fascinated by the fishies at the beach Ryan suggested we visit Underwater World a short walk from the new house. At $23 each a ticket we were very happy with their 50% off military discount!

They have a huge underwater tunnel with a couple of varieties of Shark and a number of smaller fish. But the absolute highlight was the Turtle. I had never seen one before and was completely fascinated following it up and down the tunnel!

Up stairs there was a number of smaller tanks of fishes. Including the disgusting eels which Ryan made me stand and look at for ages, they are gross and gave me goose bumps. I Do Not Like Them!

It is quite a small aquarium and if we had to pay full price we would have been quite disappointed as there was so little to it.

Two Lovers Point

That evening we caught sunset at Two Lovers Point. A place which is named due to the story of the two lovers who threw them selves off the cliff as the girls father didn’t approve of the boy. Click here for the legend.

It was a beautiful place, a top the cliffs overlooking the ocean and Tumon Bay.



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