Guam Wedding


Lucy Moseley & Ryan Hackel

Monday 28th March 2016



So we did it! We got married!

In what we both felt like was the shortest ceremony imaginable!

After a week of paperwork the day arrived.

Monday 28th March.

The morning was spent getting ready and then wondering what to do with  ourselves as we  still have another 2 hours before we had to leave!

We left super early too, as someone thought it would take 15-20mins to get there.

It took less than 5minutes!

All of Ryan’s work friends turned up to surprise us, which was so nice as I had only met them a few days before.

The ceremony it self was short and sweet, emphasis on the short.

(We had to read over our vows in the car to see what we had actually said the Judge spoke so fast!)

Ever the romantic Ryan took me to the Navy base after the ceremony to make me walk around the stores in my wedding dress while we food shopped!

After that we headed down to Asan Beach and found the perfect sunset spot to take photos.

The location was beautiful and secluded.


I made us dinner that night of homemade fries and steak with blue cheese sauce which was delicious, with champagne and wine.



One thought on “Guam Wedding

  1. So beautiful and a perfect sunset for you. I’m so happy for you both! I can’t wait till the day we meet in person Lucy! Ryan, I love your reaction after you said your vows! Congratulations to you both! Love Mom and Megan.


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