Wedding Hair

Trying to choose the right hair for the wedding is proving challenging but not as hard as choosing the right flowers. I have a strapless gown which I tried on while I had a light blonde bob. I am currently white blonde, and think my dress will suit longer hair better. Hair extensions have been ordered and arrived. They are such a beautiful colour, the whitest I have ever managed to get in extensions and so soft! (

Anyway wedding hair… I love natural looking beachy waves, with part of the hair up inspired a lot by Amber Fillerup Clark her hair is just AMAZING!


Amber Fillerup Clark’s NYC Fashion week 2015 hair by Tresemme


Another alternative to this style. I love the use of braids. I think they will be a good way to hide the point where my hair blends with the extensions.


Braided up do’s just look so sophisticated, this was a style I considered when I had intended to go down a less traditional dress route.


I love the use of these hair accessories, so subtle but just adds something glamorous to simple bridal hair styles.


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