The Blonde Brit Went To… Rome


Rome, Italy, 2015

On our first date Ryan joked about taking me on a date to Rome sometime. And he did.

We got an amazing deal in a gorgeous 4 star hotel in central Rome,The Morgana. Though getting from the main road to the hotel was a gauntlet of rejecting every restaurant promoter it was worth it. The location was great everything was within walking distance, the room was lovely and the bed super comfy!

Ryans signature hotel room pose!

Day One

We flew from Stanstead early Monday morning, arriving in Rome around lunch time. We went straight to the hotel from the airport, and they staff at the hotel were very accommodating letting us check in and go up to the room straight away even 2hours before check in! Both of us were exhausted from the travel so rested in the hotel for a little while, well Ryan learnt to use the selfie stick…


We headed into central Rome, I had worked out the route ahead of time. We had this amazing moment when we turned the corner from the busy street and looked straight down too the old sights of Rome and WOW! It was everything we imagined and more.

We first saw the Via Sacra which was beautiful. I could of just looked at it for hours.Screenshot_2015-12-07-16-51-33-120151130_14233820151130_14262320151130_14262020151130_14235420151130_14240620151130_142414

Then on the Colosseum, which was a must see for both of us. It definitely didn’t disappoint. I carefully timed it so we went at sunset. Ryan’s face when he saw it was just priceless. 20151130_144349IMG_20151201_175154IMG_20151201_17493120151201_16081320151201_161014Screenshot_2015-12-07-16-51-28-1

My absolute favourite picture of the trip.

Day Two

The hotel included breakfast which was served until around 10 so we got to sleep in which was so nice! It was a buffet and all you could eat! We both got very distracted by the nutella stuffed doughnuts  and croissants. Soooooo Good.

This day we decided to see a few sights and they all turned out to be closer and less busy than we expected so managed to most of the big sights by dinner time.

First was the Trevi Fountain and I thought my phone died but no I just turned down the brightness and was very embarrassed when I realised! IMG_20151201_181622IMG-20151201-WA0012IMG-20151201-WA0018IMG-20151201-WA0019


On to the Pantheon. Again one of those I watched Ryan discover it as I had spotted it just before and the look of awe on his face was just so cute! The Pantheon was so amazing, I didn’t know about the inside being open I had only seen the outside and I couldn’t help but just look at the ceiling. Ryan spent a while playing with the lighting as it made him look bald and found it hilarious.


After a little walk we ended up at the River and had incredible  views over Rome and the Vatican.


Off to the Vatican. Both of us felt it looked a lot smaller than we expected it to. On the walk up it was another gauntlet of people pestering you for tours and tickets offering all kinds of languages. We didn’t go in just stood and had a look from the outside. And cleverly took a back road to avoid the tour offers!

We strolled across to the other side of Rome for Lunch in gardens overlooking the whole of Rome. The views were beautiful. More people trying to sell us things again, no we don’t need a selfie stick we have one thanks which we didn’t get on well with. In the gardens there were many busts of Romans from the past. We only recognised about 3 of them! And the one which we remember the most was the one who resembled Voldemort !!


We left the gardens to head back to the hotel and I insisted the downward path over the straight along route. Oh how I wish I had gone the other way. Ryan had seen some Trinity thing on the map and insisted we went and saw it. And where was it? Back up the top of the hill! So he made me go up these endless stairs. Only to see the Church was hidden with scaffolding!


That night after Ryan had a nap we went out to dinner at one of the nicer looking restaurants near our hotel. And He took  me on that date in Rome he promised me from day one! We ate pizza as neither of us were hugely  hungry and oh it was so delicious!

The Pizza he had for dinner the day before was from one of those tiny little family run type places and oh my that pizza was one of the best I have ever had. It was cheesy and garlicy with salami. I  dream of that pizza and wish I had got some myself that night!


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