The Blonde Brit Goes To Guam…Pt.1

IMG-20160101-WA0000Guam… A tropical island paradise, the kind of place you dream to visit some day but know you will never be able to save enough, the kind of place you imagine to take your honeymoon, the kind of place you hear incredible stories of.

Guam… Soon to be my home*.

*Pending visa approval and all the amazingly boring pieces of paperwork which go hand in hand with this kind of move.

IMG-20160101-WA0009Planning and organising this move is one of the most stressful things I have ever had to do. Trying to organise the rest of you life – a wedding with minimal control, moving house, then moving across the world within a few months , and changing job. Just a couple of things to juggle all at once!

The mountain of paperwork that accompanies all of these things is just insane. I don’t know where to start on half of it, and the wording is just so complicated. Being the OCD control freak I am, I have copies of 2 types of visa paperwork and their instructions (Fiancé and CR1, more on this later), marriage license paperwork for Guam, name change, and house paperwork. No harm in knowing what you will be required to fill out eventually hey!


Why Guam?

Well I have always always dreamed of relocating to America but with no job prospect within my field of expertise I had accepted it wasn’t going to happen…

Then Summer 2015 I met Ryan. And EVERYTHING changed.

It was a whirlwind romance escalating quickly. Within a month or so of dating he was told he was being sent to Guam. I had a huge choice to make. End the incredible relationship with a guy who just gets me or commit to him for what could be the rest of my life.

I knew within a week or so what my choice was but longed it out to make sure I was certain. And after a month or so, I told him. I wanted to go. I know nothing of military life, still have no idea really what this will entail but I am willing to give up everything I know for a future with him.

December 9th he proposed and of course I said yes!20151206_152529

He left for christmas to visit his family who he hadn’t seen for a few years then on to Guam.

He’s been there around 2 weeks now. And we have been apart for nearly a month and to say it is hard is a huge understatement. Every image of that beautiful island makes me more excited knowing soon that will be our home.



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