He Asked… I said Yes…

20151206_152359December 9th 2015, Well Next The Sea, Norfolk, England

In almost the exact spot we had our first date at sunset (his favourite time of day) he told me to stand with the sunset behind me, riskily planted his phone in the sand and then got down on one knee. IMG-20151206-WA0008

It was the perfect day, when we got to Wells we did almost exactly what we did on our first date. Got fish and chips from one of the harbour side shops, sat on the harbour wall eating and throwing spare chips at sea gulls. (Could it have been more British!) After Lunch we strolled along the waters edge from harbour to the beach, talking about the first date how he was nervous to hold my hand the first time, and talked of our childhood. I told him about the stories I read as a child. (He didn’t know about ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’!? Of course I proceeded to tell the tale with the thick oozy mud and the swishy swashy grass!)

After a 20 minute walk we are finally on the beach, but the walk is not over. On our first date we walked a long way down the beach to find a quiet spot of of course we had to do this again. The whole time I’m telling myself not to be disappointed if he doesn’t propose.

We reach the place we had the first date sat down and talked about the funny people who were around us at the time, the girl with the funny voice, and the family that were the other side of us, the family arguing over a family photo etc. He pulled out his phone and told me to stand on this little mound of sand sunset perfectly behind me of course. I stand there hands on hips as I had done in half the images he made me pose for in Rome only a week before.

He put his phone in the sand little did I know he had set it to record a video. He walked over and gets down on one knee. The words he said were all a bit of a blur. I didn’t even manage to say yes! I just nodded with a big smile. We were so lucky the shot was lined up perfectly  and we got incredible photos by screen shotting the video. Screenshot_2015-12-06-21-43-11-1

We couldn’t hang around long as a storm was rolling in. We had to rush back to the town which was around a 40 minute walk from where we ended up the whole time knowing it could pour down at any second!

He did it so perfectly, with the perfect ring exactly the type I wanted. IMG-20151206-WA0013


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